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Welcome to the website of East Coast Wealth Management, Inc. We believe that the complexities of the financial markets, an uncertain economy, product and service innovation, along with the increasing time burden of managing investments, providing for retirement, protecting our assets and lifestyle, necessitates establishing a relationship with a trusted adviser.

Our Solutions

East Coast Wealth Management, Inc. offers Investment Management Services, Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management Solutions.

As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, ECWM offers investment advisory services under a fee based arrangement where independent investment managers and model portfolios are selected or constructed on a customized basis based on objectives of the client, manager style, performance, reputation, financial strength and a well-articulated investment philosophy, reporting, pricing and research.

ECWM believes that wealth management involves more than investment and capital management. The Firm strives to increase client net worth through the proper investment of portfolio assets, tax minimization and concurrently protecting client assets through proper risk management. The client relationship is viewed as centric and ECWM can provide an evaluation of cash flows, taxable and non-taxable investment portfolios, educational and retirement funding requirements, current insurance coverage and income tax situations. Opportunities are identified and customized recommendations are prioritized and implemented to reach the client’s financial, risk management and lifestyle goals.

A financial plan may specifically address the following areas:

  • Investment planning and selection, tracking of Independent Investment Managers and Separately Managed Accounts, Educational Planning and Funding
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer
  • Risk Management solutions including life insurance, fixed annuities, disability insurance and long-term care insurance
  • Tax Planning, including preparation and ongoing monitoring of the client’s tax situation

In depth interviews are conducted and the necessary documentation is obtained to determine the client’s risk tolerance and investment time horizon, goals and objectives. Utilizing an open architecture platform, portfolios are customized and/or independent investment managers are selected based upon the stated objectives of the client, as well as the investment managers’ style, performance, reputation, financial strength, reporting, pricing and research. The intended result is a professionally diversified portfolio with the appropriate time horizon that can deliver the highest after-tax returns for varying levels of risk.

Subsequent to portfolio establishment, performance versus target is tracked at periodic intervals selected by the client, which could be quarterly, semiannually or annually. This is conducted in order to ensure that the investment plan is on track to achieve the desired goals.

Hourly Consulting services are also offered to provide customized client solutions.

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Client FAQ

Services provided by ECWM consist of over 37 years of collective experience in the securities brokerage, insurance, estate and tax planning. Utilizing an open architecture platform, the Firm is capable of delivering total Wealth Management solutions to the client. With a solid emphasis on increasing net worth, optimizing tax situations, managing client portfolios on a total return basis and implementing viable risk management solutions, clients can achieve this by leveraging the ECWM platform. Our goal is to be client’s exclusive Wealth Adviser.

ECWM may charge a fee retainer to develop an initial financial projection and long-term relationship based on the complexity of the client’s individual situation. ECWM believes that a financial and time commitment on the part of the Wealth Manager and the client leads to long-term success and a positive client relationship. In addition, for client’s desiring Investment Management Services (IMS), a separate fee schedule is available which levies a charge for portfolio assets under management. The IMS fee involves portfolio construction and/or selection and ongoing monitoring of the investment manager(s), and their performance, analysis of client model portfolios and resulting strategic rebalancing at periodic intervals. ECWM also believes that this further aligns the interests of the client and the Wealth Manager in growing portfolio assets.

A separate fee will be charged for the preparation of an individual, partnership or corporate tax return, by Robert Mastrandrea, CPA & Associates, LLC, our affiliated CPA Firm. ECWM believes that this service is an integral component in understanding the effect that investment results have on the client’s tax situation. ECWM renders advice on estate planning, but does not draft legal documents. We refer our clients to a network of general or specialist attorneys.

ECWM utilizes the latest firewall and anti-virus programs and our third party software providers utilize extensive security Internet protocols. Client information is backed up to offsite storage on a weekly basis. Additionally, ECWM premises are monitored by a police and fire alarm system on a 24 x 7 basis.

Contact ECWM at 973-396-8626 to arrange for a free initial in-person or telephonic consultation to determine if our services could assist in meeting your financial, risk management and other lifestyle goals. We look forward to earning your trust and business.

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